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William Keith Davis U.K./ QATAR

Browsing through the internet I found lots of web sites that offered help and assistance with regards buying properties in Greece, however, the main item that I found re-assuring on O'Connors website was the list of testimonials from previous clients.
I personally found it to be the single most important item with which I decided to contact O'Connors.
Impressions I have taken from my experience with O'Connor Real Estate are ones of professionalism, honestly, friendliness and effectiveness. Their contacts for other requirements such as attorneys, builders, etc etc have been in the same capacity.
The fact that they have shown willingness to help and assist where possible beyond their original official remit, and to be there after conclusion of relevant business, is a major asset.
I feel my initial judgment to make O'Connor Real Estate the estate company to act on my behalf has been fully justified and consider myself a very satisfied customer.

William Keith Davis

Gerald Davis U.S.A.

It is very easy to mark "just excellent."
BUT the mark of "just excellent" does not explain all of the real help to the tiny and intricate questions asked over the nine months period.
The answers were in themselves very complete, filled with sensible and personal suggestions when asked for.
They gave me the necessary armament to make my decisions before arrival AND to cement those decisions when visualizing the terrain, colors and methods of constructions.
The most important item was to cement the comfort of trust which was needed when different people had been encountered.
I wrote, I came, I asked, and I decided.
I am pleased with the result.

YOU did very well.

Don and Sue Beattie, U.K.

Chris, Mary and Steph thank you all so much for your efficiency which guided us through every one of the procedures to enable us with the purchase of our land in Greece. From the very first contact we were really impressed with your openness, knowledge and attention to detail which you all portrayed in a friendly, welcoming and professional manner. Your invaluable input made our dream of owning our very own place of Greece so easy. You were all there every step of the way and we can never thank or praise you highly enough. We hope to see you again soon and hope that you will join us when we have our first house warming party.

With our very best regards
Don and Sue Beattie

Micha Van Craeyvelt and Liesbet Peers, Belgium

We were very pleased with your service and happy to know you. We will be renovating the house in 2009 and hope we can contact you again for suggesting good people to do the renovations. Everything went very smooth and quickly without any stress or hassle. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again in Kalamata.

Best regards
Liesbet and Micha

Chris Spybey and Sue Lilley, U.K.

Mary, Chris and Stef run a warm and friendly and caring company; they constantly are thinking of ways to help their clients and to make buying that place in the sun a painless, happy reality. We could not have done it without them. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase property in the Peloponnese. Thank you so much.

Sue Lilley & Chris Spybey


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